Generative Artificial Intelligence has become a driving force in the digital transformation of companies, providing new opportunities to optimize processes, boost creativity and free employees from monotonous tasks. In this white paper, we will explore how next-generation AI is revolutionizing the business landscape and how 2NV, a Colombian company specializing in digital transformation process consulting, has harnessed the power of generative AI to develop its new product, ZAThinker.

1. Unleashing creativity and eliminating monotony:

According to Satya Nadella, President and CEO of Microsoft, the new generation of AI will take the drudgery out of work and unleash the creativity of employees . By automating repetitive and routine tasks, AI allows professionals to focus on higher value-added activities, where they can apply their creativity and expertise. This not only improves job satisfaction, but also drives innovation and productivity in organizations.

2. Lightening the burden of work:

Next-generation AI eases the burden of work by automating complex and time-consuming tasks, allowing employees to focus on the work that really matters. Advanced algorithms and AI models can perform analysis, data processing, and decision-making more efficiently and accurately than ever before. This gives companies the opportunity to streamline their operations and achieve superior results in less time.

3. AI as a tool adaptable to business needs:

It is important to consider AI as a tool, not just a source of information. Every business has specific needs and requirements, and AI models must be adjusted and fine-tuned to fit those particular needs. By customizing and training AI models, organizations can get better results and make the most of the potential of generative technology.

4. Use of safe models in generative AI:

In the development of solutions based on generative AI, it is essential to guarantee the security and reliability of the models used. Renowned solutions such as Azure OpenAI, Google Vertex, and AWS Bedrock offer secure and reliable AI models that can be used to drive the digital transformation of organizations. These platforms provide a solid framework for the development and deployment of generative AI solutions, ensuring data quality and confidentiality.

5. Guaranteeing the confidentiality of customer data and information:

In an environment where data protection is essential, it is essential that companies commit to guaranteeing the confidentiality and privacy of their customers’ data and information. When implementing generative AI solutions, such as 2NV’s ZAThinker , it is essential to follow the highest standards of security and regulatory compliance. This not only builds customer trust, but also strengthens the company’s reputation and image.

6. It is essential to use safe and reliable models

Services like Nvidia Nemo Guardrails are being used to maximize the results of generative AI and ensure that no hallucinations occur in the results of requests made. The security and integrity of the results are critical aspects when implementing generative AI solutions. Nvidia Nemo Guardrails provides safeguards and control mechanisms that help prevent inconsistent or incorrectly generated output. By using these secure models, businesses can trust that generative AI will operate consistently and produce accurate and reliable results, thus delivering an optimal, quality experience to end users.

ZAThinker : Powering business efficiency with generative AI.

2NV’s new product, ZAThinker, represents a significant advance in business process improvement through the use of generative artificial intelligence. ZAThinker has the ability to analyze processes in detail, structure them clearly and provide accurate documentation. In addition, its high level of customization allows it to be adapted to the specific needs of each company.

Using generative AI algorithms, ZAThinker can take advantage of the provided context to build relevant process information. This not only makes it easier to understand and optimize processes, but also drives data-driven decision making and continuous improvement of operations.


Generative AI is transforming the way companies approach digital transformation and optimize their processes. The release of creativity, lightening the burden of work, the adaptability of AI models, the use of secure solutions and the guarantee of confidentiality are key elements in this process. ZAThinker, 2NV’s innovative product, demonstrates how generative AI can boost business efficiency and productivity by providing detailed analysis, clear structure, and accurate documentation of business processes.

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